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About Us


NECTARC was established as a result of the brainstorming of a group of young civil engineering professionals who felt the passion and compelling need to provide a full spectrum of diversified services to the growing construction industry in Asia. It was a direct outcome of a fact often rued about in the industry that nothing “concrete” was being seen in terms of innovation in the construction vis-a-vis other sectors.

Deriving its strength from an eclectic bunch of skilled and enterprising individuals from various faculties of the civil engineering profession from around the world, Nectarc was set-up to trade in the business of offering innovative construction product solutions and services in design, engineering and supervision. Nectarc aims to be a leading multi-disciplinary engineering firm, providing integrated solutions in construction to a diverse clientele in Asia and overseas.


Our mission is to be at the forefront of developing new range of construction materials (concrete, steel, composites etc.), creative design concepts, new-age engineering practices, construction technologies and testing schemes, thereby truly transforming our surrounding construction environment into a Leaner, Aesthetic, Dynamic & Smarter entity, which we often like to call it our “LADS” view to this approach. Thus, our solutions often stand out as out-of-the-box, sleek, clean, economical and easy to implement.

Innovation in Construction” is what we stand for, which we deliver continuously to our clients by successfully marketing our R&D ideas developed in collaboration with academic institutions of repute across the globe.  Aptly, this idea also appears as a central theme of our motto “where technology meets creativity”.


Our objective is to provide a range of innovative construction products and cutting edge engineering analysis, design and supervision services to a host of our clients mainly drawing from the following industrial segments:-

  • Retail/FMCG
  • Warehousing/ 3rd Party Logistics
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Institutional Buildings


  • Integrity in all aspects of our business
  • Creativity, driven by our passion for innovation
  • Highest professional standards of our employees
  • Delivered performance in products and services
  • Open and honest communication at all levels of business
  • Mutual respect of our employees, clients, shareholders and the community