Innovative solutions for the construction industry

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  • Facility Design
  • Shop Drawings
  • Field Testing & Supervision
  • Flooring Construction Management
  • Floor Flatness Surveys
  • Failure Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Jointless Flooring
Facility Design1 Shop Drawings2 Field Testing & Supervision3 Flooring Construction Management4 Floor Flatness Surveys5 Failure Monitoring & Evaluation6 Jointless Flooring7
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Company Profile

New Engineering and Construction Technologies with Associated Research Consulting , or NECTARC in short as we like to call it, is an independent firm of designers, engineers, planners and researchers offering a range of professional technical product solutions and services to our clients, consultants, builders and contractors towards developing productive businesses and achieving efficient designs that stand out as sleek, technologically superior and cost effective solutions in areas of varied applications in the construction industry.

Abreast with the changing needs of the industry, NECTARC takes an innovative view of the design and construction processes, applying the highest levels of technical know-how and practical skills to bring the greatest value to our clients' projects. It is with this conviction that we, at NECTARC offer our clients game changing cutting edge engineering, design concepts and construction consultancy services through our in-house R&D efforts that help bring out novel products and solutions to the market.


NECTARC offers the following services to its clients:-

  • Sustainable Structural Design
  • Site Supervision & Monitoring
  • Floor Flatness & Levelness Profile Surveying
  • Structural Integrity & Failure Analysis
  • Precast Components Design
  • Special Concretes Mix Development & Design
  • Lab & Field Testing Services